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vegas CREW

Okay, someone should have told them to line up better lol, but here goes:

Left Side of Photo:

Front Five Women front left to right:

Marissa Lum Myers, Naomi Hanohano, Prandi Guerreiro (squeezed in with the blue jacket) Ninita Tabuno and iris omura

Back Row, Boy, Girl, Boy, Boy LOL:

Allen sui, pua niau, James hunter and raoul self (pretty much back center

RIGHT Side of Photo:

Front Four Women front right to left:

claudia rapoza quintanilla, tracy asing, erleen aoki, kanani king helekahi,

Back Row, Boy, Girl, Boy, Boy, Girl MORE LOL:

gideon kalilimoku, carrie kealoha, earl helekahi jr. (with baseball cap), terry silva (BEHIND EARL), and nalani fujimoto (SMACK DAB CENTER

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